This is Istria

          Istria is like nature’s own love letter. Imagine rolling hills, vineyards and charming coastal towns that’ll steal your heart. This place is a total crush if you’re into breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and a vibe that’s just so laid-back. 

If you’re looking for your next adventure, we highly recommend exploring the breathtaking Istria region! Such a hidden gem, with so much to experience and indulge in. You won’t believe the stunning towns like Labin and Rabac, just waiting to be discovered.

Istria is a place that is impossible to fully explore in one trip, which is one of the reasons why I strongly suggest making it your next vacation destination. You will cherish the memories for years to come!

So, why not take a leap and add Istria to your travel plans? You won’t regret it!


This charming town in Croatia is full of fascinating stories and traditions.

Its rich history dates back to Roman times, and you can still see some of the original architecture around town today. One of the most interesting things about Labin is its long tradition of mining. Back in the day, the town was a major mining center, and you can visit some of the old mines today, which is super cool!

As for the culture, Labin is known for its colorful festivals and delicious local cuisine. Make sure to try some of the local delicacies while you’re there! All in all, Labin is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history and culture.

Istira Labin


Rabac is awesome little coastal town in Istria, Croatia, with crystal clear blue waters and stunning natural beauty. Back in the day, it was a sweet little fishing village until it became a super popular tourist spot in the 19th century! To keep up with all the visitors, loads of amazing hotels and restaurants sprouted up all over the place – so no worries about finding somewhere to stay or grab a bite!

There’s also loads of history here, with countless ancient ruins and landmarks to explore. All year round, Rabac hosts some seriously epic festivals, like the Rabac Open Air Festival, which is jam-packed with art exhibitions, theatre performances, and live music!

Oh, and you can’t miss St. Andrew’s Church! It’s this breathtaking 15th-century work of beauty and an incredible example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Pro tip: it’s located right in the heart of the old town. Nature lovers will also love exploring the gorgeous beaches and stunning Ucka National Park nearby.

Labin stari grad

Adventurer paradise

          The Rabac and Labin area is a fantastic location for those seeking outdoor activities. Sailing and diving are popular options with crystal clear waters and plenty of marine life to explore. Those who prefer to stay on land can enjoy horse riding with local stables offering rides through scenic countryside. Fishing enthusiasts have a variety of options, including shore fishing or taking a boat out to deeper waters. The hilly terrain around Rabac and Labin is also ideal for biking, with trails to suit all levels of fitness. Whether you prefer land or sea, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Labin slika grada
Rabac grad iz zraka


          Did you know that Istria has some of the best food in the world? The cuisine is a mix of Italian and Slavic influences, and it’s super fresh and simple. You’ve got to try the truffles, olive oil, and wine – they’re world-class. But the seafood dishes, like squid, and homemade pasta with truffles are hard to beat, too. And if you’re a meat-lover, you’ll go crazy for the lamb and beef. There are also some traditional dishes you have to try, like maneštra, fritaja, and crni rižot. It’s no wonder Istria has become a hotspot for foodies from all over the globe!



Wine roads

        Many Istrians conceive wine as an inexplicable unearthly sacred potion, a necessity and passion, the culture of living, as nourishment and liquor, prayer and a curse. Istrians have been historically devoted to the grapevine. A proverbial saying confirms it.

Wine comes from grapevines and milk from a goat. Wheat is life, while wine is myth and as our elders would say: The bread is for the flesh and wine is for the soul.

Wine roads ( Labin region)

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